Keep 1 Draft 1

Hello guys I keep going back and forth with who to keep. Should I keep Chubb or Johnathan Taylor? 12 team PPR.

Also just found out I have the first pick so I could draft one of the guys I don’t keep zeke, or tyreek hill should be best available. Thoughts?

I’d prefer Chubb. We know exactly what his role is with Hunt healthy.

Taylor was great but I worry they haven’t kept Mack around for his charming personality - I think he has a role and I don’t know how big it is.

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I agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird, Chubb is my vote to keep as well. Chubb is the RB1 in CLE with Hunt as the receiving RB on a run heavy team.

I, personally, think JT is being over drafted especially with all the uncertainty in the backfield for IND. Until Mack leaves, he is a threat to take away work from JT.