Keep 1: Montgomery or J. Robinson

Hey Guys,

I’m in a .5 ppr league with 1 keeper (12 person). My keeper options are:

David Montgomery in the 4th round (current ADP 3.07)
James Robinson in the 13th round (current ADP is 6.10)

I guess my question is would you prefer to lock down a solid(?) RB in the 4th or take a shot on Robinson in the 13th? The snap count from the Jags first preseason game is giving me hope, ha!

Please let me know what you guys think! Thanks!

I think you’re still playing with the possibility that Etienne takes over later- and/or that it’ll be a committee. I personally would take Montgomery. Only threat there would be Williams but I think DM gets the majority.


Thanks a lot for the feedback, I appreciate it. I agree - Montgomery it is!