Keep 1: Sony, DJ Moore or Josh Gordon

Hey Guys,

I’m in a .5 ppr league with 1 keeper. My options are:

Sony Michel in 7th round

DJ Moore in 9th round

Josh Gordon in 11th round

I was going to keep Moore at 9 and avoid all New England RB’s until all this Gordon news broke. Let me know what you think!

Moore seems to be the safest play. I have Michel myself and I’m considering not keeping him because of the knee and the Pats use of RBs. And who knows how long Gordon can keep it together.

I like the idea of keeping DJ Moore, he was a first round pick investment by the Panthers in the 24th slot, and usually WR’s are kept longer than RB’s. Especially on the NE roster, as RB’s are sometimes a carousel.

Moore. I’m still drafting Moore ahead of gordon anyway.

DJ Moore is my pick