Keep 1, Standard Scoring

10 Team Standard Scoring
Diggs in the 4th
Swift in the 5th
Josh Allen in the 9th
Higgins in the 12th

Who you like?

In standard I think you keep Allen, then Swift.

By the 9th you’re loading your bench and you’ll get good value out of Allen there. I’m kinda meh on swift overall but RB scarcity would play a part.

WR depth is crazy this year and with no ppr, it doesn’t quite compute to keep diggs or higgins. Higgins is a SMASH 12th round keeper in ppr

In a standard scoring league, TD’s are king. Allen gives you both rushing and passing TD’s. The 9th round is a steal as well. Allen all day with these choices. You can always redraft Diggs if you want the stack.