Keep 10 players. Did I pick the right ones?

So I am in a weird dynasty/keeper league.
Last year was our draft… Then this year you can keep 10 players for the last draft spots in the draft. The draft is 20 rounds so all players will be kept in rounds 11-20. so I will still have 1-10 round picks. But I assume only rounds like 1-2 will have any good players/rookies. I am the 1.6 this year.
This will change next year and you will keep a player at his ADP and lose that round pick. But for this year this is who I am thinking of keeping.

12 team
1/2 pt PPR
1QB, 2RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 flex

I’m thinking about keeping.

  1. DJ
  2. Zeke
  3. Kamara
  4. Derek Henry
  5. Carson Wentz
  6. Evan Engram
  7. Ju Ju
  8. Marvin Jones jr.
  9. Watkins
  10. Corey Davis

I also have crabtree, cobb, Sterling and will fuller on my team.

Would you keep the 10 I kept or switch out any?


Solid picks, I would keep the 10 you have chosen. That is a stud of a team. You are just asking this to show off aren’t you. :wink:


You could make an arguement for Crabtree or Fuller over Wentz. And by that, I mean I would make that arguement. We’re in the deepest QB pool I’ve ever seen this year. Rather take a shot on a guy who could become a WR1 this year (Crabtree) or homerun hitter (Fuller) than a QB that I think I could fine a decent replacement for easier than I could for one of those skill position guys. Same argument goes for the TE position and the pretty clear loss of target volume coming to Engram this year.

But if I can only make an arguement for 2 spots and it’s basically just position based, that’s prettty damn good.


Thats an interesting take… I’m def always a late QB late TE drafter.

I feel like wentz might be a generational talent so I’m more likely to keep him… But not in love with engram… So i would be open to leaving him behind and keeping crabtree or even will Fuller as i love his upside