Keep 2, 10 team PPR league: Hopkins, Godwin, Jacobs, Mixon

I am in a 10 team full PPR league and I need to keep two of those, but i can also elect to not keep anyone. I have the first overall pick but that all depends on if other teams keep 2 players or not keep anyone. But in general would like to know who you guys would keep.

Jacobs and mixon for me

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What is the draft pick penalty for keeping guys?

you just don’t pick in the first or second round depending how many you keep. If you keep 2, your first pick will be in the 3rd round.

I’d definitely keep Jacobs. Then I’d keep either Mixon or Godwin.

Gotta keep someone. Check everyone’s roster and flag 1st/2nd round guys and you’ll get a sense of who will be kept.

Thanks!! I’ve got Jacobs and Godwin so far but I’ve got a couple days to lock it in.