Keep 2 full PPR super flex HELP!

10 team, Full PPR, super-flex. Keep two (first two rounds of draft).

Derrick Henry

This is tough. I’d probably go Henry and Godwin. I like having a good RB-WR combo. I’d also consider Godwin and Kelce. Both should catch a ton of balls. Being a full PPR and a superflex complicates things. Kelce’s consistency is phenomenal. Godwin should be fine as well. Dak should be solid, but you can always try to snag another pair of QBs later on. Maybe taking mid-range QBs back to back in the 5th and 6th or 7th and 8th. Hope this helps.

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Thanks! I’ve tried all these combinations in multiple mock drafts. I’ve been consistently able to get Josh Allen as my QB1 If I don’t keep Dak and either Sanders, Drake or Jones as an RB1 if I don’t keep Henry. The WRs are so deep, I can usually end up with decent ones if I don’t keep Godwin. I’m leaning Dak and Kelce or Godwin and Kelce since Henry doesn’t get much receiving work. Dak is tough to give up in a super flex.

I would go Dak and Kelce. Like you said, really hard to give up Dak in a Superflex, and by taking Kelce, you have a top 2 TE, to go with potentially top 5 QB. Especially with all things equal to first 2 rounds. The only other thing to consider, are the rest of the leagues keepers posted for you to see? If multiple QB’s are kept, then I would keep Dak for sure.

You have to keep Dak in a superflex. I would probably keep Godwin with him and use my first pick on an RB… If it is a superflex, there is a good chance that others will either keep or draft QBs early and you will probably have someone drop to you. What pick do you have?

I’ve got the 10/11 turn and in mocks I have been able to grab some decent RB/WR talent at that point.