Keep 2: Hunt, Drake, Watson

Hey all,

I get to keep 2 players at the following costs:
-Kareem Hunt (4th round cost)
-Kenyan Drake (15/16th round cost)
-Deshaun Watson (15/16th round cost)

I’m pretty dead set on keeping Kareem Hunt but I am torn between Drake and Watson… especially with continuous reports of the ageless wonder, Frank Gore, splitting carries with Drake.

Any and all advice is certainly appreciated!


Hunt and Drake. Not even close.

Gore is a dinosaur. He will eat into Drake’s market share for sure, but not enough to make me want to take a QB with him. I think Drake is an RB2 with RB1 upside. Getting that for free is invaluable. I’d rather draft a stafford or something in the 10th than get watson.

Ballage is straight trash, as expected so not worried about him at all. Drake is incredibly talented. The only knock is miami isn’t going to be a great team but I think they will be better than what people give them credit for currently. They aren’t as bad as buffalo.


Drake, easily

Man getting Drake in those rounds is rather incredible. Some of his runs last year, I’m a Dolphin fan, were pretty incredible. Check out some of his highlights. He is one of those players who can make something out of nothing, just check out last year’s highlights. Getting good Qb play on a weekly basis from two decent Qb’s is rather easy if you play the matchups.

I’ll probably get flack for this, but if there was one player Drake reminded me of it would be David Johnson. I am not saying he has nearly the same skill set, but that jump cut is deadly… Cutler playing Qb last year, and Drake still managed to lead the league in rushing yards for the last 6-7 games…

Makes me figure that you picked Drake up off waivers last year, getting him that cheap. I agree with the consensus, keep Hunt and Drake. RB depth is a must, and even if Gore takes some carries, at that price to have an RB with the upside of Drake is amazing.

Don’t see DJ, but I def love Drake.

His jump cut is definitely dank though. Could probably assemble a jump cut tutorial from his 6 game tape alone.

what they said^^^^^^^^

maybe aroun 28 other QBs you can get and about half of them you can stream week to week, can you say the same for RBs???

youre getting a rb1 in rd 4 and a potential rb2 with huge upside in rd14/15 no brainer. pull the trigger!!