Keep 2: Kerryon, Mixon, Thielen, Mahomes

Hi Guys!

First post, looking for some insight in regards to keepers so I can begin focusing on potential draft pick trades and the likes.

I’m in a 12 team PPR league. 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, TE, DEF, K.

Keep 2 players in the round they were drafted. 10th being the latest round to keep somebody. I have 6th pick in the draft (after winning back to back ‘ships so I need a bounce-back year)

My options are:
Joe Mixon (2nd Rd)
Adam Thielen (3rd Rd)
Kerryon Johnson (6th Rd)
Patrick Mahomes (10th Rd)

Which 2 do I keep?

Looking forward to everyone’s thoughts!

Mahomes is a definite. You cant get a player with Mahomes value that late usually…I’d probably either go with Mixon or Kerryon with the second. Thielen is good but there are tons of WR talent you can get in the 3rd round still!. I’d probably lean Mahomes and Mixon…might be my Cincinnati bengals bias, but with the bengals becoming a run first west coast offense under Zac Taylor, I have high hope for Mixon this season.

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Normally, i’d say never keep a QB. But Mahomes in the 10th is pretty juicy. Especially if its 6 pt passing TD.

And I’d say Mixon is a keep. Cause he’s typically going in the late 1st so you get 1 round of value and workhorse backs are hard to come by.

If there are a lot of QBs available, then Kerryon in the 6th would be my 2nd choice. But I think Mahomes is where I would lean.

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Mahomes is a definite for me as well. I’m not an early QB guy but he’s a potential league winner.

As for the other keeper, I lean Kerryon just because of the value but Mixon is the safe pick. He will be a late 1st to mid 2nd in most drafts.


Don’t think kerryon is actually more value tbh. He’s typically a 4th round ADP. maybe late 3rd at the earliest. So you get 2-3 rounds of value potential value sure but that’s also later in the draft. I’d rather take the value of Mixon in the 2nd round. Especially in a keeper where some of the other top guys will be kept as well so the 1st round will be a bit worse than a normal non-keeper league.

Yeah I don’t dispute that, I just think Kerryon is being undervalued. He should be a 3rd rounder easy. I’m also not a big Mixon guy, but it’s true when other top guys are being kept, a Mixon if available will go quick.

I would definitely say Kerryon and Mahonmes. The value if those 2 in their respective rounds is through the roof. You can build a solid team around that. Whether it’s a top RB or Hopkins/Adam’s with the 6th pick you cant go wrong

I love Kerryon, but not sure if he’s an auto lock for 3rd round. Not cause of talent, but because of lack of faith in that coaching staff. Anderson is there and although talent wise it’s not close, Patricia is so dumb that I do think it will be some form of committee with anderson vulturing TDs. Especially to protect his health.

But I agree with you I can def see his ADP creep up into the range closer we get to the season.

Kerryon Johnson and Patrick Mahomes.

Maholms and Johnson, chalk it up.

Thanks for all the feedback! Seems as my initial instinct was right. I consider Mahomes as pretty much a lock. I can’t see myself passing up that kind of value by getting him in the 10th. While I listed Thielen, I felt he was always the odd man out just cuz I can get another receiver.

So for me it really comes down to choosing between Mixon in the 2nd and Kerryon in the 6th. Kerryon seems like the value and i like him a lot but I just don’t know if i trust Patricia and the Lions. I’m a big fan of Mixon too so I may be going back and forth between the two all summer

To add a little more context, players can be kept two years and then go back into the draft so with my 6th pick i’ll be looking at somebody from the list below:

Todd Gurley
David Johnson
Melvin gordon
Zeke (doubt it)
Lev Bell

Antonio Brown
Julio Jones
Michael thomas

Keep Mixon and take whichever of the other workhorse RBs that fall to you. I’d rank as Gordon > DJ > Bell > Gurley.

Having 2 workhorse RBs is a huge advantage in redraft that you should be taking advantage of.

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