Keep 2 of 3

10 Team, 1/2 pt PPR

Keep 2 of 3:
Mike Evans
Stefon Diggs
Zach Ertz

I’m leaning Evans/Ertz, but Evans/Diggs might be the better play.


im guessing no round restrictions? im taking the 2 WRs. its just a rule of mine, unless the value is insane, and the TE or QB is VASTLY better than my other options, i just dont keep TEs or QBs. you can replace them so much easier, even if it is a top end TE in ertz.

I don’t think there’s a wrong answer picking any combo of the 3, but I’d lean Evans/Ertz.
Don’t have to worry about playing the TE matchups & I’d lean Evans over Diggs only because I’m higher on Adam Thielen in the Vikings offense.

Evans and Diggs for sure

Are they kept in a certain round or just taken off the board?

Thanks for the advice.

Keepers are just off the board in our league, so no impact to draft order/picks.

In that case I’d go Evans and Ertz. Lock up that TE position with a top 3 guy and you can grab a high end rb with your first rounder.

I’m taking Evans and Diggs for sure.