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Keep 2 Question

Keeper Question

Keep 2 (half ppr)
Lamar Jackson-10th
Mark Andrews-12th

Or try to trade Jackson for a draft spot?

I’d probably keep Chubb and Andrews

Thoughts on my post? It’s a couple above yours.

I would go Chubb and Lamar. Stinks to lose Andrews at that good value but I can see him falling off this year. I can see lamar falling off too, especially his TD passes (his TD% of 9 is absolutely bonkers and will fall). But that’s gonna hurt Andrews more than lamar, whose rushing is gonna keep him at the top no matter what

I agree with Beanie on that one. Lamar in the 10th is crazy value. As long as he stays healthy, his floor is so high because of his rushing ability

Lamar and Chubb. If you’ve got them, it puts you in a position to take Andrews earlier than you otherwise might cos you’ve got a top QB and RB already locked up. If you want to get him back that is obviously.