Keep 2 ROS... K.Cole, C. Davis, T. Lockett or M. Williams?

Standard Scoring…other WRs are Thielen, D. Thomas, W. Fuller.

Kind of all the same tier for me. Can you trade to someone weak in WR?

I Like Cole upside, and Davis as the #1 on TN. Im worried about Seahawks Offense. Williams a beast but Lots of mouths to feed there.

Keelan Cole and Corey Davis for me. Not really even close IMO.

Cole is the most talented WR at JAX and the No. 1 for Bortles. He presents high upside in favorable matchups and is a solid play when you have a starter on bye.

Corey Davis is almost the same story. Clear cut No. 1 and will get fed targets all year. When Mariota is healthy I think Davis is solid WR2.

Lockett’s value decreases significantly when Baldwin comes back and that offense is pretty bad.

Williams is surrounded by pass-catching talent that is going to siphon his targets and his value in fantasy.