Keep 2 TE’s or stack WRs?

So I never keep 2 TEs (4 player bench) but I have OJ Howard and J Reed. Do I drop one to pick up another WR which I’m a little light on? If so, which one? I tried trading one but no one will work with me. Cobb, Amendola and Sutton are on wavers.

I’m thinking I should drop Reed for Cobb.

I have Njoku and Jimmy G. I want to trade one rather than drop

4 player bench and you’re rostering 2 TE’s?! I would not do that. It’s a tough call which one to drop. I would personally keep Reed but I wouldn’t blame you for going with Howard. Making that tough choice is better than rostering them both.

See if you can package trade Reed to someone that is light at TE to get a player you like and open up a roster spot. If that trade cant be done, id probably drop Reed for Cobb. Sutton seems to speculative for a short bench, especially if youre light at WR. Ammendola is interesting but I like Cobb more ROS.