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Keep 2QBs?


I do not have very good options for my keepers this year so I am considering keeping both Matt Ryan and Kirk Cousins for 13th and 14th round picks. Unfortunately they both have byes in week 5. Am I crazy for keeping 2QBs?

Also, would you keep Allen Robinson for a 4th. (Full PPR)



I would for sure keep Matt Ryan. I guess you could keep Cousins and trade him away if your other options aren’t great, but I wouldn’t want to keep 2 QBs


youre only crazy, if this is a standard or PPR. if its a 2QB league, then no you are not. but since you can keep them for so cheap, my guess is that its not a 2QB. sure, keep 1 of them they are cheap enough. my rule of thumb is to never keep QBs unless its a 2QB league.


I would want to see the rest of your roster and which pick you would lose for each player. I find it hard to believe that your best options are keeping two late round QBs.

Also, can you make trades before the draft? If you can you may want to consider trading one of the QBs.


I’d keep both as long as your bench is a decent size…

I kept brees and Brady last year and ended up reading one in season for ajayi and gurley as I knew I could keep them for cheap

And Brady before the draft this year for draft money.

Obviously those QBs aren’t Brady and brees but they are still good enough.

I think you could find good value week 6 or so to keep one and then trade the other for valuable keepers next year