Keep 5 players after fournette news

in a 5 player keeper, no round restrictions just any 5 guys no strings attached

there are the obvious ones henrey, jacobs,hill and kupp, with the fournette news would you go andrews? Or wait and see where he lands?

Yes i would go with Andrews, you can just set him and forget him and spend the 4th/5th round that you would normally spend on him to build RB depth.

Fournette will have to learn a new offense wherever he goes and compete with whoever is currently starting. Only a few teams can he walk into and be an automatic starter, and even then i can envision it being an RBBC

Does your league like QBs? If so I may go with Dak over Andrews if QBs go early and if the other 5/6 top QBs will be getting kept. It’s really a toss up though because going and getting a guy like Goff and or Stafford would be a solid play as well.

They don’t go to quick! I was hoping dak would be there for me in my first few rounds, but thats a solid point as well i never thought of that