Keep A-Rob or Kelce?

Standard scoring 3 WR 2 RB I am keeping Rodgers, Green and either …

Robinson or Kelce thoughts???

What draft positions for those guys? Or is there no draft penalty? For me, if no penalty, then I would go Kelce.

Keep forever and no penelty

Yeah, I’d go with Kelce. More predictable and then you don’t have to worry about TE at the draft.

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@cheesehead52 I’d keep ARob because you can keep long term, counting on the bounce back and his age. Also I’m usually comfortable with late round te, good luck

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Agree with Kelce

I’d personally go A Rob. We’ve seen what he’s capable of and while he probably won’t reach 1400 and 14 touchdowns, there is huge bounce back potential going into his 3rd year.

I’d go with A Rob. With him and Green you are looking good at WR and can really attack the RB position in the draft

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My argument would be that you can find a TE later in the draft who has the opportunity to produce at or around the same level as Kelce. A Rob is a very talented receiver who not only has high productivity potential, but has done it. He is the clear number one receiver (edit: on his team) and has much higher upside than Kelce. You will not be likely to find someone of his caliber at WR in those later rounds when the TEs will still be around.