Keep Alfred Morris/Darren Mcfadden? Or pick up players?

I currently have both Morris and Mcfadden on my roster in anticipation of Zeke’s suspension. With him being able to play yet another week and who knows when he will actually be suspended, is it worth keeping them on my bench? My RBS are Kareem Hunt, LeSean McCoy, and Marshawn Lynch (as a backup) and then Morris and Mcfadden on top of that. I could potentially drop one or both for some flyers like Kenny Stills, Matt Forte, and Hunter Henry.

Would you drop any of my 3 backup running backs? Or keep them? My most tempting pickup would be dropping Marshawn for Matt Forte.Seems like a crapshoot either way.

I appreciate any input!

As a Zeke owner with DJ taking up one of my 6 bench spots and McFadden with another I am curious as well. I am hurting right now for another bench spot. Thinking about dropping McFadden for Corey Davis.

If you are in a must win situation I would drop them. Adam Schef has tweeted numerous times stating how he doesn’t even feel Zeke will get suspended and if he does he will agree to a lesser game suspension. Your holding a roster spot for a coin flip also when you could add depth. I have ZEKE and want to make it clear that I am worried about a suspension as well, but if it came to me having to win this week, I would pick up someone. I would take the ballers advice tho and pick up someone you WILL play, if not keep who you got.


I also have zeke and mcfadden. I would not drop him now because most likely u scooped him up when the news broke, held him last week and should hold him this week, we find out monday what will happen which is before the end of the week so yeah, i would keep

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