Keep Baldwin or grab DJ Moore

I have Cam as my QB. I am sick of waiting on Baldwin and I can maybe win DJ tonight but would have to drop Baldwin… Cant decide which … keep Doug or grab DJ or Sutton

Jesus… took me a minute to realize DJ didn’t mean David Johnson, it meant DJ Moore… lol

Even though I think Sutton may be better than Baldwin ROS, Idk if I’d drop Baldwin. Is there really nobody else you can drop? I’d take into consideration someone who will very rarely find a starting spot for you and who will be more difficult to trade away than Baldwin.

Cam Newton- QB

Deion Lewis-RBs

John Brown


Kicker and Houston D

And McGwire on IR… I maybe could drop Deion Lewis but I think he will be getting more touches and catches ros.

Ugh ya that’s tough. I may lean toward dropping Dion Lewis over Baldwin, but you are in a tough spot. Also, it took Baldwin nearly a half season to get going last year… could be the same this year?

And DJ plays TB this week which means I could stack DJ w/cam

I’m very hesitant about Moore, I’d target Sutton instead for ROS. Moore has to compete with CMC, Funchess, Olsen, and Cam himself for red zone opportunity (and between the 20s really).