Keep Ballage?

Hey y’all!

Would any of you keep Ballage for an 8th? I know he is going generally in that range, so it is far from a steal, but with Drake somewhat injured do you think it is worth it?

Guess I should add that I could keep Penny for the same price, but doesn’t seem worth it to me at this point.

I should say I am keeping Kerryon and Mack already and have the 1.01 pick as well as three 3rd rounders. My “super” team pooped their big boy pants last year. Looking to rebound strong.

10 team PPR

I wouldn’t keep him. I got on him in the 15th. The dolphins are awful and their team has almost zero value. Plus, Drake just got out of his boot and is jogging already again.

Ballage not worth keeping imo. Bad team, bad offense, timeshare behind a better rb…