Keep Bell?

Is Leveon Bell worth to keep? Half ppr league

Wondering the siame thing

Someone just dropped him the other day in my 12 team 1/2 point ppr. I stayed wayyyy clear of Bell on draft day and I’m still hoping he clears to me on waivers tomorrow. Case and point, you might be surprised at who you will be able to trade him for.

My advice is stash Bell on IR and see if you have a spot on your bench for La’Mical Perine. Depending on how long Bell is out, Perine might just come in wk3 and make Gase think he can pull a Drake-type trade with Bell.
I don’t think Bell is anywhere near washed, but I think Gase is going to create more issues. It wouldn’t shock me by week 8 to have Perine starting for the Jets and Bell starting for the Jags, Dolphins or Seahawks.

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right, the problem is GASE and not bell. he was handed a ferrari and treated it like a lawnmower!