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Keep Blount for an 8th Round Pick? (full pt PPR)


Hey foot clan, I have a really simple question I’m looking for second opinions on. Would you keep Blount with an 8th round pick in a full point PPR this year? He’s got the offensive line to be productive and I think Wentz will do better at moving the ball down the field and into the red zone this year. However, he’s not Brady and so the sticks aren’t going to move to allow him to get as many carries as he may on the Pats. Needless to say, I expect regression from him. However, is he still a value at Round 8?

Thanks in advance for the input.


Assuming this is a 12 team I’d go for it 10 team probably not


thats tough haha. Im an eagles fan and im really curious to what his workload will be with sproles, phumphrey, and smallwood waiting to get on the field. The offense has dramatically improved this offseason and like you said they have a very solid o-line. I see blounts ADP is 5th/6th round in full ppr. Tough call for sure, i probably wouldnt keep him just because of how many questions there are.


I’d say keep him.


Yeah, agreed. Your point really speaks towards where you value him overall. 8th in a ten team is valuing him in the 71-80 range vs in a 12 team is the 84 through 96. From all of the mocks I’ve been doing, I’m liking how I look when I go later in the first round. So if I can manage to pick later in first round, by the time the 8th rolled around, I’d be picking him up with a 84-88 for overall value. It’s something to think about.


I think depending on how they do on first and second down, and whether they can limit penalties will have a lot to do w/ his touches count. I’m not sure if I worry about him getting redzone touches vultured away, do you?


nah blount will be the goal line back for sure, thats why we signed him. No one on the eagles roster is built for that besides him. Sproles, phumphrey, and smallwood are all super small haha. But with that said those 3 backs are gonna be doing the pass-catching. Blount isnt nearly as valuable in full ppr as he is in standard leagues.


yeah, very true. how much regression from that killer year last year do you think he’ll have? Still get 10-12 TDs w/ 800+ yards?


thats probably his ceiling to be honest. Yeah theyre a run first team but you gotta think they signed alshon and torrey smith. With that said i think blount, sproles, and phumphrey are all heavily involved this year, All different roles of course so thats tricky. I would say 6-700yards 8-10tds is probably blounts floor. Again dont expect blount to get more than like 10 catches lol


i honestly wouldnt keep him, you can get a theo riddick, a duke johnson, etc that will be of more value in full ppr leagues.


Do you have any other options? Or is it just either keep Blount, or draft a player in the 8th round (no other keepers?)? Because I mean if that is your only option, I guess maybe you coukd keep him because he offers some value there.

But just to put it blountly (see what I did there? :sweat_smile: ) : Blount sucks. I’m sorry, he’s just not a good football player. Thinking he’s going to sniff double digit tds is kinda delusional. In his six seasons prior to 2016 Blount scored no more than seven tds in any season, so it’s not like he’s this sure-fire goal line back. It’s just that when you put a player on the best team in football and given them the ball every time on the goal line, yeah they’re going to score a lot.

But Philadelphia is not New England. Philadelphia is a full blown committee, and Blount is not the transcendent talent to change that. He’s going to be sharing with Sproles (who is a very strong bet to outscore Blount in ppr). He’s going to me sharing with Pumphrey and Smallwood and hell, even Ryan Matthews is still on the roster and if they decide he’s worth his salary, he’s a far better back than Blount when healthy.

And let’s just say that Blount is getting enough carries that he’s got a better chance than not to score more than 5 points on a weekly basis, which is by no means guaranteed. Blount will then be a boom or bust option on the off chance he scores a touchdown. Meaning that chances are, he will crap your team for three weeks, then score a couple of tds on your bench.

Friends don’t let friends do Blount. Just don’t man. Don’t.


hes got some good points, but i dont think they would have signed blount if they werent gonna give him the goal line carries. Also ryan mathews is gone. they need to wait to waive him due to contract promises. Theyd have to pay him an extra mil or something if they cut him now instead of waiting.


Oh yeah i totally expect Ryan Mathews to be waived too, but he hasn’t been yet and it is possible that he isn’t, which is just one extra strike against Blount. I do think Blount will have a role in Philadelphia, I just don’t think it will yield any considerable fantasy value beyond bye week fill in or desperation flex play.


agreed, especially full ppr