Keep Boyd at WR2?

Just had a thought to bench Boyd, move Humphries from flex to WR2 spot, and flex Samuel. Is this a bad idea? Should I keep Boyd in?

Probably a good idea, but Boyd still seems like he will get volume as slot receiver and the matchups aren’t scary for him at all

Different question: Would it be insane if I benched Wentz and streamed Josh Allen for this week? It is week 1 of playoffs for the league I am in. The Dallas D is a huge concern for the Eagles o-line and wide-outs.

I don’t think that’s crazy at all, actually. We saw how NO struggled against DAL (granted that was at home, but still). Allen has a juicy matchup against the Jets. Others may chime in, but Allen has been proving himself as a running QB the last few weeks.

Right, without A.J. Green drawing the best corner and safety help, along with no RED RIFLE. Id play Humphries for sure if DeSean Jax is out. along with Samuels.

I did it, biggest and weirdest decision I have made all season…ONLY LIVE ONCE :wink: