Keep Brees or go with the Field?

Have some concern after the performance in how conservative they were and MT having high ankle Injury. On top of it there are TONS of options on the waiver. So Brees or the field? Who are your top 3 here, in order?

Players Available
Ben Roethlisberger
Josh Allen
Matthew Stafford
Daniel Jones
Ryan Tannehill
Joe Burrow
Gardener Minshew

  1. Josh Allen
  2. Matt Stafford
  3. Big Ben

Are you saying that Brees doesn’t make your top 3? What makes you say Allen first? Also do you think Stafford is now tied to having Golladay and Jones both on the field to be a great option?

I thought you meant rank the waiver options. Allen would still be 1 and brees 2 for me. Allen’s rushing gives him an advantage over the other QBs here. Might even put Stafford over Brees if Michael Thomas misses time.