Keep Buf or stream?

Hold on to them or drop them and stream PIT this week??? I’m hesitant to drop BUF cuz figuring somebody will snatch them up quick!!!

TIA bunches for any and all thoughts here!!!

I would hold them and stream steelers DST. I was hoping the person that had them in my league would drop them but they didnt.

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I am holding jacksonville dst and streaming steelers hoping andy dalton throws a bunch of interceptions.

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Buffalo’s upcoming games are too tasty to drop… Keep them and stream someone else.

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Prob is…would have to drop somebody. Right now got both Tyreek and DJax on the bench (no IR in this League)…so…would have to drop D Mont, C Thompson, John Brown or Dissly. :scream:

@Cj9ers…I know…therein lies my dilemma. Really hate to lose them!!!

how many TE do you have? try to make 2-1 trade instead of dropping.

Got Andrews and Dissly. And with the TE productivity being so scarce this year…(isn’t it always anymore??? LOLOL) really hate to give either of them up. Prob just gonna ride with Buf and hope for the best. Sitting at 1-2 right now. Gonna be a close one this week. Such is FFB!!! :grimacing: