Keep Cut Ezekiel Elliot

Im in a redraft league Elliot is scheduled to return the last week of the fantasy playoffs If I’m lucky enough to make it I can use him for one game or do I drop him and grab someone off the waiver wire ?

Need help with this too… is he worth a play in the championships against the Seattle defense? I feel like he’ll be hungry

I’d keep him if your team can use it. The Seahawks are considerably banged up on defense and if there is a rb that can exploit that it will be Zeke. You can bet he will definitely be hungry with fresh legs too. That’s a scary combo.

Im in the same boat, currently shopping him to the top 2 teams that appear to have a playoff spot locked up. Not sure what hes worth though.

Zeke has two games left to play in the regular season. I own Zeke and I’m 100% keeping him. No way I’d want someone to pick him up so they can play him against me for the last two games of the season which could decide the fantasy season.

With that said the Seahawks D is scary while they are a little banged up they are ALL still playing. That’s a bad matchup for Zeke. The Seahawks shut down Gurley.

i dont know really, i would kind of think if there is someone on the wire currently that can assist you over the next few weeks and push you deep into the playoffs i would drop him for that player. There is no guarantee that you can make the championship game.

help with mine please

Who to start at the Flex?WHIR

Agree with Lynch. If you have a chance of making the playoffs… don’t drop him. I’d hate to have that come back at the end and have him play against you.

You don’t decide your championship in week 17 I hope. He returns week 16 for the championship of MOST fantasy leagues. That’s one game, not two.

I’m holding him though since I have room on my bench as my bye weeks have passed. I don’t want someone else to have the ability to start him even if it’s against the Seahawks.

If you honestly dont think you will make it I would deal him to a team that is locked in for the playoffs and get another Good RB out of it. Then hope the dice roll your way in the playoffs.

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Yep, it’s the final two games of the season that decides the winner of our league. So that’s two games, not one.

So with that said. Just keep Zeke. Chances are there’s nothing on the wavier right now that you would insert to help you more than someone you already have.