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KEEP/CUT J.Rodgers/D.MARTIN/J.Stewart


I am in a league where we are only allowed to have 3 RBs rostered. I currently have Todd Gurley, Jacquizz Rodgers, Doug Martin, and Jonathan Stewart. I have to cut one of them. Important to note that there is no flex position in this league, so I can only play 2 RBs in a week.

My initial thought is to cut Stewart and play Rodgers until Martin is back from suspension. Thoughts?


Yes, I’d do everything to keep Martin until his suspension is over.


So Rodgers or Stewart?


In my opinion keep Stewart over Rodgers (I don’t think McCaffrey takes over before Doug Martin comes back).

Also, I would drop Stewart to try to pick up Tarik Cohen from waivers.

If you end up with Gurley, Martin, Cohen after week 4, you’ll be in very good shape.