Keep D Johnson (1st), M Gordon (1st), or A Jones (14th)

In a 12 team, full-point PPR league. I’m drafting at the 12th spot, so the RBs falling to me have me wondering if i should give up my first round pick for David Johnson or Melvin Gordon. Or do I go with the value pick and keep Aaron Jones for a 14th rd pick? I have to pick my keeper by this Wednesday. Please advise.


Definitely Aaron Jones. Gordon is going in the 2nd round now with his holdout looming. DJ is giving you around half a round of value by keeping him, but Jones is going at around the 3.03 giving you 11 rounds of solid value


With only 1 keeper I would say take Jones in the 14th…you will still get a solid player in 1st round even if it is small step down you will make up for that with having an rb 2 with massive upside already locked.


This is a tough one.

DJ in the 12th spot is pretty great value but Jones in the 14th is basically RB2 floor with low RB1 upside for free.

I got JOnes for a 10th in my home keeper league and I thought that was an absolute steal. Hard for me to pass up Jones in 14th here and taking an elite WR at the 12th spot.

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As much as I like Johnson this year, especially in a ppr league, the value on Jones is too much to pass up.


Thanks everyone. It’s so weird. Everyone I ask online says Aaron Jones hands down. But everyone I ask in person says to play it safe and grab David Johnson. It’ so weird. I’m definitely going to go with Aaron Jones at tomorrow’s deadline (Ummm…i think?), but man that 12 spot is an RB wasteland. Thanks for the advise. Wish me luck!

Draft elite WRs when you draft from back half of the draft. They’re way safer than the RBs in that range. And you getting AJ for free in the 14th allows you to implement Zero RB even easier. That’s exactly what I did in my draft. Opened with OBJ/JJSS/Diggs/Engram before drafting any RBs. Then took high upside guys in the mid rounds and then drafted a tonne of high upside handcuffs in the double digit rounds to hold throughout minicamp in case of injury/holdout.