Keep: D.Williams(Free) or Kerryon(10th)

Redraft: 10 team 1qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 flex, 7 bnch, dst and k.

Singing “Wayward Son” with Jason for a 10th round pick
All aboard the High-Powered Cheifs offense and getting a great value of Damien Williams for last round pick of 16.

Both are such great values I’d honestly go with the safer option… Kerryon… He prob doesn’t have the ceiling the the Damien keep would bring but also Damien could be a total bust as well.

In the 10th your starting to make your dart throws alittle anyway so I think kerryon there is awesome. But if you want to go for the boom bust guy… No shame in that for a last round pick who could be a top 5 RB

Agree Kerryon is definitely the safer keep.

I agree with the two above. I like Williams and think he has the upside of finishing top 3 this year, but he also could finish low if someone works into a bigger role or Andy Reid shares the load. Kerryon I can’t see being top 3, but he could easily be top 5-6 and I think his floor is around 12-15. Yes that offense isn’t as good as the KC offense, but he is also the guy there and the best player on the offense I think.

Thank you Footclan for your invaluable council. Kerryon is proclaimed defender of the 2nd year of our reign.