Keep Dak and Cam through bye?

I’ve held onto Cam in hopes for a week8 return but I’ll have to wait another while.

In the meantime Dak is on bye and I need a fill-in QB, but do I also hold onto Dak and have 3qbs in the roster for the week? Dak hasn’t been a world beater but has been solid.

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Definitely keep Dak bro. They got the new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. They went out brought in all kinds of dynamic pieces. They put up with Zeke’s thing.

They kinda sucked. They had some easy success early but got exposed and showed how unprepared they were.

Fast forward, the line gets a little healthy, Zeke’s spooning food. Dak looks comfortable. Coop played and got busy. Cobb, tavon, Witten. Everybody was involved. Gallup forgot to bring his hands again. They kind of finally clicked with all their toys.
The team knew the weaknesses. The DEF went nuts. They helped further Wentz devolving.
If DAL stays focused and healthy, they’re a Superbowl contender, with Dak stacking all the way. Did you see his TD run. He’s got this. He looks worth the stash.

F*** Cam Newton. The Panthers were my favorite team until the day they drafted that bipolar mistake. I’m too emotionally biased to objectively comment on him for you. He’s a liability, they’ve been winning, he’s been injured, he sucks…oh sorry.

I’m not blind. I know he’s been good for fantasy owners. But my EXTREME dislike for him as a football player has kept me from ever owning him or seeing him as anything other than a bust