Keep, drop, or trade Yeldon?

With Fournette back and Hyde in the backfield, what do you do with Yeldon? He still got plenty of work in their last game, so do you hold him for ppr value? Do you try and trade him away in anticipation of a decline this week? Or do you drop him to to pick someone off waivers (I.e., in our League amari Cooper, and MVS are on free agency, but are they worth more than Yeldon ROS?)

Thanks guys.

if u can get something for him trade him

Would you try Jordan Howard and TJ Yeldon for Jarvis Landry, and pick Jeffrey up off of waivers?

I feel like you can get more for howard and yeldon than straight up jarvis he’s been struggling himself but if u can pick up jeffrey do that of course

What would you suggest trying to do?

RBs: David Johnson, Kerryon Johnson, Sony Michel, Dalvin Cook, Jordan Howard, TJ Yeldon, Aaron Jones, Marlon Mack, Devonta Freeman

WRs: AJ Green, Devonte Adams, Tyler Boyd, Alshon Jeffrey, Marvin Jones

you have insane rb depths is this a ten person league? You should try doing two for 1’s definitely maybe upgrade at TE? ur team seems really good

It is a 10 team full ppr. My RB depth is great, but it does me no good if I sit most of them each week.

I have Jordan Reed and Trey Burton as my TEs, so there’s not too much room to upgrade there I don’t feel like.

I really need to trade for an upgrade but I’m having a hard time getting trade’s accepted. I’m 5-4, but I just won the Bye-pocalypse by starting my bench. So my bench is typically almost as good week in and out as my starters… which is why I’m not higher in the standings.

Yea i get it, i would try to shop either 2 rbs or a rb and wr for an elite level rb or wr depending on what u can get

target teams that need depth or have big players on byes soon