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Keep: Gillislee or Crowder


1/2 PPR - 12 Man League starting 2 RBs 3 WRs and 1 Flex

Both guys will cost me a 10th round.

Keep Mike Gillislee or Jamison Crowder?

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Crowder. With the injury issues for Gill, it is easy to keep Crowder in a 1/2 league.

If it were standard, it would make it a little more difficult.


Agreed, I keep Crowder. Gillislee is not the pure safe pick that everyone seems to think he is.


Yeah Gilly catches no balls


He’s definitely not safe but he is being drafted ahead of Crowder so I could reach for Crowder in the draft and its never a bad idea having a piece of NE which is why I’ve been struggling with the decision. Thanks for your input


Historically speaking, most years Belicheck RBs are a nightmare.

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For a 10th… Keeper Crowder. He is safer. I don’t trust any Patriots RBs.


It’s close for me, if it was 2 wr league then I’d say gilly, but since its 3wr go crowder, but to me both could be argued.


I would have said Gilli a couple weeks ago but the hype is too high on him and you won’t be able to trust him every game. Right now I’m all aboard the Crowder hype train with it coming out he looks to be cousins second target after Reed. He will be way more dependable week to week but may end the season with less points than Gilli. So I guess after all of that I would say roster construction would play a big part.


Thanks for the input. Hype on Gilly is high pushing up his ADP. Both will cost me a 10th round to keep so if I keep Gilly I get better value and could then reach for Crowder if necessary. I have to make my keeper decision tomorrow ahhh


I have to agree. U know what ur getting with crowder


Oh if you get him for a 10th take Gilli, upside is higher and RBs are all
risky it seems this year. Then if you need a consistent later round WR pick
up Crowder.


I like crowder a lot more. Especially in ppr. Patriots already have like 4 pass catching back’s.