Keep gio or scoop WR (ppr league)

scooped gio last week before the sunday 12 slate. you holding on to him or letting it go?

Mixon could be back this week, which obv decreases gio’s value.

waiver considerations
Tyler Boyd
Mike Williams
Geronimo Allison

RB: Fournette, Gio, White, Lewis, Collins and Buck
WR: Brown, Thielen, Agholor, Woods, Robinson

I don’t think Mixon will be back this week. I’m holding Gio for now. If you don’t need him, you could always look to trade him, especially to the Mixon owner

may just sit on him, but i like where your heads at, mixon owner is 0-3 too, dead last.

his team below, not sure who i would be willing to go for. anyone jumping out?

don’t think you need a wr that badly, but if youre adding any of those i would add Mike Williams then Tyler Boyd. if youre looking to trade with that dude i would try for funchess or davis if he’s willing and desperate. his rbs are super thin without mixon. longshot but if you can get edelman i would try for any of those 3, and personally i rank them edelman, funch, cd

started 3-0 and trying to keep the juice rolling.

Ill probably end up sitting on gio and keeping an eye on mixon for the week. go from there.

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run the risk of gio being useless and unused while he was not useless but at 3-0 dont blame ya