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Keep Gordon or Johnson


What’s up ballers, so I have the option of keeping Melvin Gordon in the 6th round or keep David Johnson with the 9th overall pick. It’s a 10 team ppr redraft league. If I keep Gordon either McCoy, Evans, or Green will fall to me at 9. Thanks in advance.


For a one man keeper league I’d keep Johnson. Out side of week 17 DJ didn’t have any games under 17pts. And you know the offense runs through DJ where Gordon is a piece of a good offense. Also DJ was the number 2 player overall in ppr, 6 point passing td leagues. Great value on Gordon but I’d ride DJ.


I would Keep Gordon.

You would be giving up just a 6th round pick and could still land a good pick in the 9th overall as you said. This will make you end up with a much more solid team, plus Melvin Gordon will get some targets in the passing game as well. I would be targeting Jordy Nelson or Mike Evans in that first round spot. You could even land both…


I love DJ, however keeping Gordon allows you to pick up a top WR, making you’re team more of a threat.


This is a 10 team snake draft? That means you have the 1.09 and the 2.02. So your options become:

DJ and Jordy Nelson/Michael Thomas + Tate/Crabtree/Hyde/Peterson/Diggs (6th)
Evans and Ajayi/Howard/Murray + Gordon

Personally I take DJ and Thomas. High floor high ceiling in the first 2 round and there are guys with Gordon upside in the 6th still.