Keep Hunt or Fournette Full PPR

I just cant decide

Fournette for me

any round penalties? cause this is a question that many have to decide on. known production, but with an injury history… or unknown production with new OC and QB, but healthy? me, i flip flop on them all the time. fournette is pretty much locked into 320 carries, because i expect him to get no less than 20 carries a game on average. hunt will be reilable and will have his games that you love cause he is going to get his work, and his TDs. but how much work does he get? is this a pass first team now? does that actually help hunt because of receptions? so hopefully you have a keeper penalty to make it a bit easier.

in a pure vacuum, today my answer is hunt.

I like Hunt he led the league in rushing last year and is excellent out of the backfield Since its a full PPR I go Hunt Standard league I would keep Fournette

I agree with @pjscud0319 Hunt for PPR or HPPR, Fournette in Standard. Both are great, but I give the edge to Hunt with receptions.

Man, talk about two guys I’m much lower than average on. I guess I’d lean Hunt. Fornette’s foot really concerns me.

I like Fournette as a better option in general (though the foot is a thing as noted) since he should be a carry hog without question on the team. But in full PPR it is too hard to ignore Hunt (who is currently injured). I am worried about Ware and if he comes back the caliber he was pre-injury. But I do not like predicting injury or negative outcomes without more knowledge, so in a vacuum it would be Hunt for me.