Keep Jimmy Graham or start the TE stream....?

My tight end is obviously Jimmy Graham from the topic title…but I dont know if i can keep trusting him since he has done that much.

so the 4 top TE’s are:
Hunter Henry
Jared Cook
Austin Seferin-Jenkins
Zach Miller

another option is someone is wanting to trade me Zach Ertz/Kelvin Benjamin or Lamar Miller for Jimmy Graham and Mike Evans.

Yall have helped me out alot, so what do yall think guys. Please help and ill will do the same

I’d stream, especially with ASJ. And that trade Ertz/Miller not Benjamin for Graham and Evans-depends on what the rest of you’re roster is like.

I agree with the stream options

my RB’s are Kareem Hunt, Ameer Abdullah, Duke Johnson Jr, Gio Bernard, Wayna Gullman

My WR’s are Mike Evans, Jordy Nelson, DeVante Parker, Willie Snead, Danny Amendola

Then Tom Brady, Jimmy Graham, Will Lutz and Houston Def to round out the team.

I like this a lot for you now. Awesome!

wait, which part do you like?

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Oh, sorry Lol. Ertz/Miller for Evans/Graham. This rounds out you’re team well.


Getting Ertz & Miller would be :ok_hand:t2: