Keep: Kamara or Chark

12 man 0.5PPR league

Should I keep Alvin in the First (8th overall pick) or should I keep Chark in the ninth Rd?

Notable other players being kept right now:


Michael Thomas

Is the value on Chark in Rd9 enough to pass on Kamara?

Yeah that value on Chark is very good; but if several of the normal top 5-6 players are being kept, taking Kamara for the 8th is a great value.

I would keep Kamara.

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Kamara. Give me a foundation of my RBs Corp. please.

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I just ran a mock keeping DJ, and absolutely despised the running back core I walked away with. There are so many more options at WR in those middle rounds. So as much as I love my Baby Chark, it’s got to be Alvin.

Alvin. Solid running back depth is so thin this year without COVID…