Keep, Keep'm, Keep, Keep, Yeah!


I play in a half PPR keeper league and I’m on the fence with who to keep for the upcoming season. I can keep up to two and I’ve already decided on keeping Kamara in the 6th, but need help with my remaining choice. I need one of the following…

Aaron Jones in the 8th
Terry McLaurin in the 12th
Adam Thielen in the 4th
Darren Waller in the 12th
Dak Prescott in the 12th

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I would probably keep Jones for the 8th, I like Mclaurin for the 12th as well, but RBs are scarce this year so the 4 round difference in those later rounds is not much of a difference vs. what he can output

I would keep Jones in the 8th, you can still probably get McLaurin in the middle rounds at a value but Jones isn’t going to get past the 2nd round

I agree with those above here. Jones that low is a steal!

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. I started Jones last season and his inconsistency was frustrating. That, coupled with a healthy Jamaal Williams, the addition of AJ Dillon, and touchdown regression worry me for the upcoming season. However, I can’t argue with the value. Thanks again.

I’m also curious about your league mates and the fact that you’re able to keep Kamara in the 6th lol

The way I look at these decisions is if you throw them back, when would they be selected? If everyone keeps 2 guys and you keep a WR, does it put you in a spot where now you have to draft a guy like aaron jones in the first round?

I agree keep jones for the value and then you can add another good RB in the first if there’s one available, or start pulling from the deep WR group this year.

Ha! I picked him up off of the waiver wire his rookie season and have kept him ever since.