Keep Kerryon Johnson?

I drafted Kerryon Johnson last year and have the option to keep him for my auction league this year. I’d pay $10 for him to keep. Worth it or not?

Extremely worth it. $10 for a High-end RB2 is a steal


That’s what I was thinking. Just a bit worried about his playing time with CJ Anderson and Ty Johnson doing well.

Definitely valid concerns. In ESPN leagues, his average auction value is currently $26. You are making a much greater return by keeping. Tyler Lockett’s ADC is currently $10 for example. You would be giving up Kerryon to pay for someone like Lockett or Lamar Miller. I just think that $10 for even the floor of Kerryon is worth it. Your choice, but in auction, I would pay more at least $20 for KJ rn

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Very solid points. I appreciate your opinion.

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