Keep Kittle or Kamara?

We’re starting a 1 player keeper this year

Kamara (1st round)
Kittle (9th round)

So I’m 6th pick, McCaffrey and Saquon will be kept, and two guys ahead of me will be able to snag Zeke and Kamara should I pass on him, so I’d miss out on Kamara so looking at DJ, Conner or Gurley. Kamara is a beast but Kittle in 9 is tempting value, plus I’d be fine with DJ. Any thoughts would be great thanks!

Either choice will help your team, but I can’t help but think that if I kept Kittle, I’d be always thinking that I should’ve kept Kamara, but not the other way around.

Even though Kittles value is super good with that 9th round, I’m still on the side of getting one of the best fantasy assets in Kamara.

I would keep Kamara!

Keep Kittle and take the BPA @ pick 6

DJ is a good player on a bad offense - win/lose
Connor is an above average player on an above-average offense - meh
Gurley is an incredible player on an Incredible offense, with a GIANT warning label - yikes

Kamara is an Incredible player on a Good offense - WIN/WIN awesomeness

While Kittle should be very consistent this year, he is a good player on an unproven offense - win/lose?

I think this is easily Kamara. He could easily finish RB1 and is very safe. Kittle could easily regress, though still be good. Kamara is about as sure of a thing as a RB gets I think. Yes Kittle is the better “value”, but Kamara is proven and I’m not sure we have seen his prime years yet.

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