Keep Lamar over Michael Thomas? HUH!

I have a PPR keeper league w/ 10 teams, where Zeke would be worth my first, Michael Thomas as a 2nd, and Lamar Jackson as my 13th round…

I am heavy leaning towards keeping Lamar Jackson. I figure the 10-11 rounds of value will be a huge difference, and Thomas or a comparable scoring RB or WR will come to me at the 2.1…

WHat do you think?

I’m assuming you can only keep 1? Where in the draft order are you because if you keep Jackson you might be able to still draft Zeke or Thomas

I will be keeping Zeke… Gotta decide between MT as my 2nd round or keep Lamar as the 13th rd pick.

I think for that much value for Lamar is worth keeping him. How much will MT outscore the receivers available in round 2 vs how much will Lamar Jackson outscore the quarterbacks available in round 13?

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Agree with this.

Too much value with Lamar in the 13th to pass up.

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