Keep Le'Veon or Kareem?

I have two options for keeper. $200 budget, 10 team league standard scoring. Should I keep Le’veon Bell for $51 or Kareem Hunt for $27. (David Johnson, Todd Gurley, and Alvin Kamara are being kept by other teams)

Not going to give you a firm answer. It’s kinda how you wanna go about your draft and what you feel on both players.

I am in a 10 team auction $200 league as well.

Hunt went right around $55 and Bell at $61

Typical ranges are 48-58 for hunt and 55-65 for bell.

Both are first round top RB1s…

Just depends if you wanna lock down bell at a $10-14 savings or Hunt at a $25+ savings…

If push comes to shove I see two scenarios.

First one :
Keep hunt and make him your FLEX… Then still go out and spend like 50-65 on a RB1 like Zeke or Barkle or Melvin.

Second one: since some of the top RB1s are already gone… Lock down bell at a discount and make plp overspend on the couple of top RB1s so you can get some deals on the Collins and kerryons of the world. With gurley, kamara and DJ kept there is going to be 6-7 teams biddin on 2-3 other top tier RBs which should drive the price up.

Hope this helped some

its hunt for me. cheap, and younger so if you get to keep on keeping him, you will get to do it for a longer time. bell will almost 100% do better than hunt this year. but that doesnt mean hunt is a bad pick. sometimes you gotta let go of the better player for the better value.

I agree with Buster, Bell is better, but Hunt is 1/2 the price and you can spend the extra 30 bucks on 1 very good players, or a couple players. I don’t like having 1/4 my budget on one guy