Keep Mahomes and Hill?

Hey Clan! Need some help. I can keep 3 of the following in a .5 PPR league, each one kept counts as one of the first rounds. Meaning if I keep all 3 that is my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds…I assume most will keep 3.

Deandre Hopkins
Christian McCaffrey
JuJu Smith-Schuster
Patrick Mahomes
Tyreek Hill

  1. Mccaffrey, 2. Hopkins, 3. Juju or Hill
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Agreed that sounds good.

Unless this is a superflex, you do not use a pick in the 1st 3 rounds on a QB.

I would keep CMC, Nuk, Hill

Not a superflex and generally I agree. Mahomes just a different breed so far. My thought was CMC, Nuk, and JuJu given the amount of targets to JuJu over hill.

JJSS is fine too if you want a better PPR floor.

Man, that has become my biggest question. I feel juju will get the targets whille Hill will have monster games per usual.