Keep Mahomes or Jones

I am in a highly competitive 14 man league and drafting in the 13 spot of a snake draft. RBs are a premium obviously. My best options are Pat Mahomes in the 12th and Aaron Jones in the 8th. Mahomes has great value in the 12th and I don’t have to worry about matchups or streaming all year. But Aaron Jones is an RB2 with top 5 RB upside at a scarce position. I was sold on Mahomes value even considering the TD regression he will have but RBs are so difficult to come by and I can make due later in the draft with two QBs if I have to. Thoughts?

if this is a 2QB, yes. mahomes 100%. but considering you can keep him for that cheap, im going to guess it isnt. so take the RB and let someone else over spend to take mahomes. like you said, in a 14 man RBs are a premium and jones does have a really high upside depending on his usage.

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a lot of people are going to say jones, but damnit mahomes in the 12th!? wtf!???
dude is going to go in the 2nd round

no worries on streaming, jones has gotten hurt and what if williams comes back lol

Its hard saying mahomes, cuz hes a qb and I know i will get lots of backlash for it but thats my 2 cents.

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Jones in the 8th. With it being a keeper league I’m guessing by the 13th pick the RB situation will start to look a little more bleak than usual, so having Jones there doesn’t force you to feel like you have to go RB if a receiver is sitting there that’s a higher tier.

I know people will say to never choose the QB, but Mahomes in the 12th is an insane value. People will start reaching for QBs as early as the 2nd or 3rd while you can get an RB2 on par with Jones. Taking a frustrating position to draft out of the equation with the best ADP player at said position in a flyer round allows you to just focus RB/WR in the early rounds. Given that their ADP is virtually identical, I think I’d have to go Mahomes, because I like the players available in the 8th round alot more than the 12th.