Keep McKinnon or Coleman in PPR for next year

Ok, well I’m out of the playoff picture this year in a PPR superflex keeper league and I’m trying to swing a trade for CMC and would have to move either McKinnon or Coleman to make it work. I know Coleman is likely going to be a lead back somewhere next year and McKinnon will hopefully take back the backfield in SF. With questions around both of them next year I’m not sure which of them I should be pushing in the trade. Who would you rather hold on to between them?

With everything thats happened in the backfield in SF does McKinnon still own the lead back spot when he comes back next year? Where is a likely landing spot for Coleman? Somewhere like Miami? Both guys are boom bust type next year depending on what their situations end up looking like. The uncertainty of Coleman I think gives him a huge range of outomes whereas McKinnon has uncertainty of coming back from injury. If you had to chose who to keep right now for next year in a PPR who would you take?

I’d rather hold onto McKinnon over Coleman. Coleman hasn’t done a ton without Freeman, and McKinnon looked really good splitting carried with Murray last year, and Shanahan loves his RBs. But also, it’s going to be tough swapping Coleman for CMC without throwing in another decent hitter she/he can use for this year.

Oh it’s likely going to be a 3 for 1 deal, I just need help on which RB I should be more keen to hold on to

In that case, I’d definitely hold onto McKinnon

Thanks, that’s kinda the way I was leaning too. The uncertainty of Coleman makes him a total gamble… and I’m a bit of a gambling guy. I’ll see if I can get him interested in Coleman to make this happen