Keep Mclaurin/Murray or Trade for Kelce/Kittle

Hi all,

I am in a 12 team PPR Keeper league where everybody can keep 2 players each year in the round they were drafted in. If player is being kept for a 2nd time, it is their ADP from previous year. After 2 years they go back into the draft.

I got 2nd to last place last year (I know not good, especially as a 3x champ in this league) so I need to turn this ship around. Luckily, I’ll have my pick of Kamara or Cook at 2nd pick.

Right now, I plan on keeping AJ Brown in RD 7 (Pick 84). My other two keeper options are Terry McLaurin or Kyler Murray - both would have to be kept in RD 6 (Pick 64), but I’d most likely trade back in the 6th if that ended up being the case.

Other option I have been debating is to trade for Kelce or Kittle to be my 2nd keeper. Kelce would be a RD 2 keeper (pick 23) and Kittle would be a RD 3 keeper (pick 26). In Kittle situation, I could also then trade back in the 3rd round and look to move up in a different round. Based on available players, both TEs won’t be available at my 2nd rd pick.

Long-winded question, but ultimately would you rather keep either Mclaurin or Murray in the 6th and not have to give up any draft capital OR trade for Kittle (3rd rd keeper) or Kelce (2nd rd keeper) and have to trade some draft capital in order to obtain. For reference, I was offered Kelce and picks 60 & 169 for picks 50 & 143, so I’d assume any trade for Kittle/Kelce would be similar.

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Kelce’s keeper value is right about at his ADP, same with McLaurin, and in a 1 QB league, there’s no point in wasting a sixth round pick on a QB.

Your best option would be to try and get Kittle as a third round keeper in a trade.

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Nothing to offer here except to agree with @morestagedives summary.

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