Keep Melvin Gordon?

Should I keep Melvin Gordan for an 8th rd or Kerryon for a 6th? I currently have the fourth pick of the draft. 10 team 1/2PPR league with one keeper.

Where would you draft him in a redraft league?

If you think he’d be available in the 3-5th round (assuming his hold out carries over into the regular season) then you’re really not getting the value you expected when you initially asked the question.

At this moment, he’s falling out of the first round, and falling fast. He may not be worth burning a keeper on.

I have the option of keeping Gordon in the 6th or Kerryon in 7th. If gordon hasn’t reported by keeper deadline i’m keep Kerryon for sure.

Also have Saquon in the 1st (11th pick) and Damien Williams int he 15th