Keep MIN Def or stream Philly?

10-teamer, plenty of streaming D’s in play, but not sure I want to commit to streaming so early… I’m already likely streaming TE as well and we only have 5 bench spots.

But about 3/4s the league has backup QBs and TEs rostered, so plenty of talent on the waivers…

Stumped the Footclan I see…

Nah man- I’d stream Philly.
The problem with having a defense like that is that you feel committed to keeping them for every match up. I rather go with the stream and when that dominant defense pops out of no where- then I keep.
No one was really drafting NE last year and they showed up to be dominant, Pittsburgh didn’t seem to be worth it until week 8? Something like that? Same thing with San Fran.
So I’m all about streaming until you find that defense. I’m streaming Colts and already picked up Tennessee for next week. Who knows? Maybe I keep Tennessee.

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Thanks! Just needed to hear someone else say it I think ha

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No prob, cuz! Good luck this weekend!
(By the way, I don’t recommend rostering 2 defenses but since I bulked up everyone’s roster because of covid scares- I’m taking advantage)

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