Keep O.J. Howard or Coleman?

I’m in a 2 keeper league, you lose a pick at the adp of players kept. Curious if I should keep O.J. Howard and not have to worry about a TE in this years draft or if I should keep Coleman based on work load due to injury of McKinnon. Any thoughts?

I do like Coleman. I akso think he is the best back on the team. But they do have three other backs there who are also pretty good, which coukd lead to a time share. Add to it that the 49srs defense will probably not be very good, which would mean they would be playing from behind, so more passing and less running. Both Coleman and Howard have upside, but I think I woukd lean Howard.

I would go with howard as well. Winston loves hitting his TE and I can only imagine the offense improves with arians.

I was actually going to offer Coleman to get OJ Howard in full PPR! I have 8 RB’s and plenty of depth. Is that something that sounds reasonable especially to the Howard owner that is very low in RB’s?