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Keep one: 4th RD


16 team PPR keeper league: 4th RD or later: Abdullah, Tyreek, or Perkins?


I’m not a major Tyreek Hill fan but I think out of those three he’s got the highest cielling in PPR. Abdullah is close here and wouldn’t be a bad pick, but I don’t think PP is on the same level as those two. Giants backfield is about as predictable as the Patriots these days.


yeah im on the same boat. Im not buying into the full hype of tyreek but i think hes the best option to keep just because his value with ADP is before the 4th round and abdullah is a little later so you can still snag him in a round or 2 if u like the Lions backfield.


tyreek has the potential to be an antonio brown type. (i am not saying he will be, just that is his ceiling to me. i can elaborate if needed) where abdullah and perkins are at best just good RBs. although i hear people talk about ameer like he is injury prone. not the case. he got injured once and burnt a lot of people so now thats just the popular opinion. but anyway, its hill easy for me. his floor is super low, but hig ceiling is super high. i take that potential here.


Position scarcity for me, in PPR the WRs are deep and plentiful. RBs aren’t, and Ameer showed signs of greatness until injury. Especially in a 16 team league, I would take the RB option.


I’m leaning Tyreek b/c WRs go quick in my league, but I do believe in Abdullah this year! A little torn…


it comes down to what you want, and what your team makeup is. if you want a guy who wont lose you any games, its ameer. if you want someone who could win you a few, but also might lose you a few, its tyreek. if you go tyreek though, you will have to focus RBs a little more and then get solid consistant WRs.


I agree! I’ll have to pay attention to the Chiefs and Lions news. Both guys excite me…I wonder if Abdullah will get goal line careers. I have Jordan Howard and Keenan Allen. I’ll have the option between L.McCoy or TY Hilton after all the keepers are set.


It’s Abdullah for me. Partly because I think he’s a special talent that has had some tough luck health wise, and party because I’m not buying the Hill hype at all. I think he will struggle with the surprise factor gone. He doesn’t get great separation as he’s not a great route runner (check Matt Harmon’s Reception Perception). I think he’ll still get his but I see him having as many terrible outings as he does “week winners.” Perkins is just a “guy” to me. I loved him in college but he just isn’t special imo.


If you have to use a 4th round pick to keep one of these guys I would go with Hill. I believe that Hill is closer to being a top of the 4th round guy while Abdullah is closer to being a top of the 5th round guy. It isn’t a huge reach but I think Hill is going to be more of an impact player so that would be my tiebreaker.