Keep only 1. ERTZ, Thielen, Dalvin?

10 team
1/2 pt PPR
2 RB, 3WR,1TE, 1FLEX
3 keepers (no penalty)

Already have RB Melvin gordon, WR Michael Thomas

Who do you keep as your 3rd and why?

ERTZ, Thielen, Dalvin cook

Little known fact: Ertz is the same age now that Brent Celek was in 2013, when the eagles drafted Ertz. Celek’s reception total never went above 32 after that time. And this year, the Eagles drafted Goedert. I’m not saying Ertz will only have 30 receptions this year, but I am suggesting that maybe it’s not such a good idea to hang onto Ertz in a keeper league.

Did Thielen play above his norm last year? Probably. Maybe he drops back to a lower tier this year; also, consider that John DeFilippo came from the Eagles’ offensive system and take a look at Nelson Agholor’s numbers. Thielen’s might be comparable to his. Don’t consider that a gospel certainty ,but that might be the way it happens for Thielen this year.

I have concerns about Dalvin, too, of course. I’m sure you do too, or you wouldn’t be asking about Ertz or Thielen over him. But I think in a keeper context, Dalvin is your answer.

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when i have a clear positional advantage ill take it. and having 2 RB1s, maybe an RB1 and an RB2, im taking it. its hard to find. reliability at RB is the hardest thing to get ahold of. now it has its limits, like if it was dalvin or… lets say keenan allen. im going allen cause i see it as a good sized upgrade in points. also, as a side note i never keep TEs. it is almost never worth it. i say dalvin and dont look back.

@saturnismine that is a very interesting fact… good lookin out on that one! kinda cant wait to see how that plays out.


I would go with Cook. Seeing as it is a keeper league most of the top RBs will be kept, so keeping him and having two stud RBs is big. The only way I would think about throwing him back and keeping Ertz is if you had the 1.2 pick. If you had the 1.1 you would probably be taking Barkley and calling it a day, but if you have the 1.2 pick you could keep Ertz and have an advantage at TE and use your 1.2 pick to redraft Cook.

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Cook, how many 3 down backs are there? Teams are all moving towards RBBC these days for sure. Thielen was great with Keenum, but now new OC and new QB, so I think there will be some regression.

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Thanks for the in-depth advice.

I actually gave less info about the situation… As it seems if I give too detailed of info plp won’t take the time to read my post so I kinda try and be as vague as I can be.

But this league is an auction league… It’s last years draft price or keeper price plus 30%… And you can keep a Max of 2 years.

Honestly I’m just looking to win this year… Not to worried about longevity bet def don’t wanna leave my self with no value as I want to compete every year.

It’s a $200 budget and
I have Melvin Gordon -$29
Michael Thomas -$16
Ertz -$7
Ajayi -$9
Keenan allen -$35
@BusterD would you keep Keenan?

All in my possession.

So I’m def keeping Thomas and Gordon for the value… Then I was trying to trade ertz for thielen ($13) or dalvin cook ($24)

My thought if I trade for thielen I can still spend $60 on my RB 2 which could get me bell, gurley, Zeke (if I don’t keep him), DJ, Kamara, Barkley as none of them are eligible to be kept except my Zeke.

If I trade for cook… Then I could still have $50 that I could go after Antonio brown, OBJ, Julio

So I’m just trying to get the biggest discount and best players to help me win this year but still have some pieces for following years.
My league doesn’t respect TE at all… So unless your name is gronk or kelce everyone goes for $1…(Ertz was $1 last year for me)
So that is why I feel it’s a waste for me to keep a TE even though he is a stud.

Thanks for the advice

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ahh it being an auction does change the values a bit. now knowing that there is a penalty (not a round penalty but a monetary one) im leaning dalvin now. 11 dollars is a solid player. its added depth. so then its not just dalvin vs keenan, its dalvin + 11$ vs keenan. the 2 were close enough as it was, but the added value of another player pushes it firmly to dalvins side.

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Totally understand about keeping the original post concise. :wink:

I agree that the auction circumstance and the +11$ makes Dalvin an even clearer choice.

Good luck!

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Now this totally changes everything since my advice was based on a snake draft with keepers with no penalty and that you actually had Cook, not an auction with keeper values and you would have to trade for Cook. I understand keeping the post concise due to the TL:DR factor, but not have all or correct information makes it hard to give useful advise.

That being said, if you can trade for Cook I would do it, and try to go after Brown/OBJ/Julio. If you can’t trade for Cook, I would keep Allen to go with Gordon and Thomas. That would give you $120 left, and you could spend up to $60 on one of the top RBs, whoever you like best out of Gurley, Bell, Zeke, DJ, Kamara, Barkley, and still have $60 to round out the rest of your team which should be plenty. Either way I wouldn’t keep Ertz, if you can just redraft him for less than it would be to keep him.